Imagine, a workplace fuelled by innovation, creativity, courage, trust and empathy

ANEWDAY is a holistic leadership development and executive coaching practice; our purpose is to build brave leaders and to transform organisations and teams to a culture of courage and strength.

Our vision is to build Brave Boardrooms, Brave Leaders and Brave Teams, to re-humanise workplaces and positively impact those communities they serve.

Organisational culture is shifting. Leadership is changing. Are you investing in your leadership and your leader’s skills to keep you and your organisation relevant and future ready? What are your values and leadership style, your propensity for courageousness and your level of risk aversion? Do you have the tools, skills and language to lead with courage?

ANEWDAY provides clients with the opportunity to reflect, reset and reimagine the future. We pay attention to where you’re actually standing now and where you want to be as a leader. These skills are teachable, observable and measurable.

ANEWDAY is a values led company, we practice our values not just profess them; courage, inclusivity, connection and wellbeing. They’re part of our DNA and are akin to the content and the delivery of our services to clients, from c-suite leaders through to emerging leaders, leaders in transition, women in leadership or high potential candidates, our values are a deep part of who we are and how we deliver our programs.

We believe:

  • Who we are is how we lead
  • Leading with bravery begins with vulnerability
  • Courage is teachable, observable and measurable
  • There is no innovation without creativity and failure
  • Courage over comfort leads to growth
  • Humanising workplaces increases engagement and performance

We’re committed to assessment and renewal to bring the latest research and development to service our clients with proven and tested strategies for optimal performance and wellbeing. We deliver essential learnings, from getting clear on values and strengths, to broadening mindsets, building trust, leaning into hard conversations, holding people accountable and to rise after setbacks.

It’s time to be brave. It’s time to show up. It’s time to be remarkable.

The world needs more brave leaders… we’re waiting for you.

Daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about hard things.

Brené Brown

Debra Birks – ANEWDAY founder

An experienced senior executive with a rich corporate career, across blue chip companies, has afforded me the opportunity to lead and develop multiple teams and individuals within organisations. Having coached hundreds of leaders as a people leader and as an executive and organisational coach, I’ve clocked up over 10,000 hours of face-to-face coaching. I know what it takes to lead, motivate and develop potential while delivering on company objectives, it’s hard work and you can’t do it alone’.

‘Leadership takes courage, self-trust and a willingness to fail. We need to embrace vulnerability, take risks, lean into values and importantly, know that powerful leadership and courage is a practice. If you truly want engagement and innovation as an outcome, leaders must know how to build psychological safety, trust, meaning and dependability into teams, and treat teams as the fundamental building blocks of the organisation.

I will walk with you through the messy parts to help you master brave leadership, operationalise your values to support company deliverables and provide you and your team with the courage building skills to embed trust, empathy and resilience’.


  • Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator, (CDTLF)
  • ICF Accredited Executive and Organisational Coach (IECL level3)
  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF) includes Daring Greatly™ & Rising Strong™, BOLD™ (a program for adolescents) & Gifts of Imperfections™
  • Positive Psychology Practitioner
  • Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health Certification
  • Advanced Certificate in Applied Management Communications
  • Master of Leadership Candidate at Deakin University

 “Courage is contagious”. Connect with me to learn how to build Brave Leaders and Courageous Cultures in your organisation.